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Laboratory of Chemical Process Engineering

Welcome to the website of the Laboratory of Chemical Process Engineering at the Technical University of Munich, Campus Straubing for Biotechnology and Sustainability. The laboratory is led by Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jakob Burger and aims at providing excellent eduction in the fields of thermodynamics, reaction engineering, and thermal separation engineering for Masters, Bachelors, and during the PhD phase (shortcut to our teaching page including thesis offers).

Our research is driven by the theme  “Process Design for Mastering the Raw Material Change”. We are developing innovations and are excellent partners in the area of computer-aided conceptual process design, process modelling and optimization, as well as process scale-up and operation. See our research page for detail on our specific interests.

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Chemical Process Engineering

Uferstraße 53
94315 Straubing


Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jakob Burger

Tel.: +49 (0) 9421 187-275


Birgit Aich-Bauer

Tel.: +49 (0) 9421 187-279