Foto: Winter / TUM

Foto: Jan Winter / TUM

Carbon Removal

We urgently need to develop scalable methods for removing carbon from the atmosphere. Although many engineers still question the economic feasibility of capturing carbon dioxide from the air, there are simply no alternatives. There are two reasons: on the one hand, society is acting too hesitantly on the climate crisis so that we will have to reverse the greenhouse gas emissions that will surpass our budgets. On the other hand, carbon capture is an indispensable part of a fossil-free circular economy. Neither can we recycle all carbon-containing products at the end of their life cycle, nor will we be able to base our entire economy on biomass. Ultimately, large amounts of carbon will be emitted into the atmosphere (let it be waste combustion or fuel use) and have to be captured to close cycles. We are currently engaged in the following projects:

Carbon Sink Bavaria

We are looking for a scalable technology for carbon removal to reverse climate change that can be realized locally in Bavaria. We treat the challenge technology-open and assess/compare a large group of process routes and final storage solutions using multiple conflicting criteria such as energy demand, levelized cost of storage, and carbon footprint. After one or more suitable paths are identified, we aim to build demonstration plants.


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