Projects and theses

For your bachelor’s or master’s thesis or your research internship at TUM, we are happy to offer you topics in the areas of thermodynamics and process engineering. Your work will always be part of one of our ongoing research projects. You will be supervised by one of our scientific staff members. In addition to technical support, you will receive support in project management and in presenting your results. This includes not only the written thesis but also a presentation that you will give about your work in our group seminar.

We put great emphasis on committed cooperation between students and scientific staff. At the beginning of your work, the goals and procedure will be discussed. Then you will receive a written assignment that clearly describes the scope of the work and the goals. The scope depends on the study/examination regulations that apply to you. We design the framework of your work in such a way that you can achieve your goals within the agreed time frame.

Were we able to arouse your interest? Then simply choose one of the student theses offered. You will receive more detailed information on the individual projects from the respective employees in a personal interview.

No special previous knowledge is required for most work. We ensure efficient training. However, previous knowledge is welcome. For many projects, it is good if you have already attended lectures of our group.

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Chemical Process Engineering

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