Lectures and Exercises

Q: Is the course [XY] happening this semester? Where can I register? When and where do I find out where the class takes place?

A: In summer term, we offer the following modules:

  • Grundlagen Thermodynamik (BSc)
  • Introduction to Process Engineering (BSc / Requirement module)
  • Chemische und Thermische VT (BSc)
  • Research lab energy and process engineering (MSc)

In winter term, we offer:

  • Conceptual process design (MSc)
  • Production of renewable fuels (MSc)
  • Thermodynamik der Mischungen und Stofftransport (BSc)
  • Praktikum Allgemeine Verfahrenstechnik (BSc)
  • Grundlagenlabor Verfahrens- und Energietechnik (BSc)

We currently do not offer any other lecture modules. Dates/times/places of the events are published via TUM Online, usually during the two weeks before the lecture period starts. Please wait until this time, as we only publish information after an official schedule has been established.

Q: For reason […] I was not/ won’t be able to attend classes. Can you provide info/ material? What shall I do?

A: All documents/ digital resources that we provide are accessible through the Moodle page of the respective class. Otherwise, contact fellow students who are attending class. They might be a good source for additional notes etc.

Q: For reason […] I am not able to attend classes in person (currently or the entire semester). Can you please provide video recordings of the classes? I am sure they are available from the Covid times.

A: For some classes we are happy to provide videos, for others we cannot. If we provide videos for the course in question, you will find them in Moodle, otherwise you won’t.


Q: For reason […] I urgently need to know about the future exams. Is there a re-take exam in the current or next semester? Do you know when it takes place?

A: For all written exams on our modules, we do exactly one exam per semester. If lectures for the module take place during the semester in question, the exam will take place in the exam period after the lectures are finished. If not, the (re-take) exam will usually take place in May/June (summer semester) or November/December (winter semester). The dates are centrally planned by Campus Straubing, and we do not really know them earlier than you do. As soon as the dates are official, you will find the exam in TUM Online. If they are not yet there, then we also do not know the dates.

Q: For reason […] I urgently need to know the result of an exam. Can you check my exam first? Can you speed up the grading and official verification by the study office?

A: No, sorry. Exam grading takes time and requires several people to work together. We try to grade all exams as fast as possible. As soon as grading is done, we immediately upload the results to TUM Online. If the results are not yet uploaded, please wait. You are guaranteed to receive a grade by the end of the grading period. (Summer term: October 31st , winter term: April 30th). Although we usually upload the grades earlier than required, these dates should be considered if you need reliable planning.

Thesis/ Internship/ Group project

Q: I am interested in doing a thesis, internship, HiWi job, or group project with your group. Please find attached my CV. I would like to come by for an interview.

A: That’s great! Instead of sending an email to Prof. Burger check out this page for open student projects. The topics can often be used either for theses or other formats. In all cases, contact the respective persons given in the topic description. Please do not contact other random people in the group or Prof. Burger. This would only cause confusion and delays. Ideally come by and talk to the indicated contact persons directly. You can also ask them whether they want a CV or other documents.

Q: I want to do an external thesis/internship in industry/other research institute/university (abroad). I find that your research topics are very similar, and I am sure the topic is of interest for you. Therefore, I want to ask you to be my supervisor.

A: Generally, Prof. Burger only supervises theses in his area of expertise: certain areas of thermodynamics, reaction engineering, and fluid separations. For bioprocesses, mechanical process engineering, LCAs, solid processing, material development and testing, Prof. Burger is regularly the wrong person. Please reassure that your topic fits. If it does not fit, please find another professor at TUM.

If your topic fits our professorship, we request strongly committed co-supervision from the external partner: One person from the external partner needs to show responsibility for co-supervision, ideally a professor or an experienced scientist.

Please ask this designated co-supervisor to make the initial contact to Prof. Burger and to provide details about the topic and you (the student). If the co-supervisor is not a professor and does not yet know Prof. Burger, they are asked to supply a CV highlighting their experience in supervising students. Further, we do not sign an NDA just for a thesis. Please relay this information to your designated external supervisor.

For internships, similar conditions apply.

If the external thesis cannot be realized and you are interested in our topics, we always have open positions in our lab.


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